Welcome to the KGB D&D 4E Game!

This game is being run virtual via the Fantasy Grounds 2 software which I host each Friday evening start 10pm EST and typically running until 2-3am the following day.

While Fantasy Grounds 2 provides the medium from which to play and share the campaign content we also use Ventrilo voice communications during the sessions.

All players are part of an online guild I call home which is KGB – The Knights of Glory and Beer and I consider these people and players some of my closest friends, albeit I’ve never met any of them face to face, as of yet. I’ve spent the past year and half playing online games, socializing and overal having fun with all types of gaming withink KGB and has been a source of entertainment now and for the future!

~Ictinike (aka Richard)


StValentine Phaq kaotic