The Burial Site

The Burial Site
Burial site pc

The party quickly agreed that investigating the burial site, that several party members had heard rumors of was the first task of the day. Seeing how Douven had been missing now quite awhile they felt it best to make haste in hopes he could be found alive. Valentine and party, using the maps penned by Eilian, navigated to the south east. After a few hours of rough travel amongst the foothills and later craggy sub-mountains they come upon the site.

Quickly a humanoid beckons them closer so they can see “the spectacular things my workers have discovered” Sensing danger, possibly deceit and what appeared to be the same “type” of lizard like creatures they have already faced multiple times; the party decided to move forward towards the pit, albeit most cautiously.

Sensing increasing danger Brutus yells to the humanoid “I think your lying..” when suddenly the Gnome Sulk, Agrid screams `GET THEM!!` (ala Ghostbusters movie style :) )

After several rounds of feverish combat, seeing both the rogue and mage take knees, the party was able to vanquish the gnome and it’s denizens finding a crate containing a jewel encrusted mirror from the dig site. Further searching also found Douven Staul, bound and gagged behind the bushes but alive and well. Douven was grateful for the rescue and offered praise and his locket, which he removes from his neck as well takes out a picture of his wife. “please take this as a sign of my thanks..”

Brutus, after much debate, decides it would be rude to not receive such a gift and accepts the locket vowing he would personally escort Douven to Winterhaven and lodge him for the long voyage home. As well it is deemed once Douven is rested and wounds tended they will escort him back to his loving wife within Fallcrest.

Brutal, out of admiration of Douven and in thanks, scours the local market for a replace locket/trinket to give back to Douven to replace the one given.

It is now mid-day and the party begins it’s next step within the lands of the Nentir Vale…

(more next session)



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