The Burial Site

The Burial Site
Burial site pc

The party quickly agreed that investigating the burial site, that several party members had heard rumors of was the first task of the day. Seeing how Douven had been missing now quite awhile they felt it best to make haste in hopes he could be found alive. Valentine and party, using the maps penned by Eilian, navigated to the south east. After a few hours of rough travel amongst the foothills and later craggy sub-mountains they come upon the site.

Quickly a humanoid beckons them closer so they can see “the spectacular things my workers have discovered” Sensing danger, possibly deceit and what appeared to be the same “type” of lizard like creatures they have already faced multiple times; the party decided to move forward towards the pit, albeit most cautiously.

Sensing increasing danger Brutus yells to the humanoid “I think your lying..” when suddenly the Gnome Sulk, Agrid screams `GET THEM!!` (ala Ghostbusters movie style :) )

After several rounds of feverish combat, seeing both the rogue and mage take knees, the party was able to vanquish the gnome and it’s denizens finding a crate containing a jewel encrusted mirror from the dig site. Further searching also found Douven Staul, bound and gagged behind the bushes but alive and well. Douven was grateful for the rescue and offered praise and his locket, which he removes from his neck as well takes out a picture of his wife. “please take this as a sign of my thanks..”

Brutus, after much debate, decides it would be rude to not receive such a gift and accepts the locket vowing he would personally escort Douven to Winterhaven and lodge him for the long voyage home. As well it is deemed once Douven is rested and wounds tended they will escort him back to his loving wife within Fallcrest.

Brutal, out of admiration of Douven and in thanks, scours the local market for a replace locket/trinket to give back to Douven to replace the one given.

It is now mid-day and the party begins it’s next step within the lands of the Nentir Vale…

(more next session)

Onward To Winterhaven

Onward To Winterhaven!

In tonight’s session the party, albeit short 2, finished up their business within Fallcrest and headed out towards Winterhaven after some rumors from a local clergyman about “death cults” in and around the area. Already heading west in search of the missing excavator, Douven Staul, the party decided it best to make hast to Winterhaven to possibly find him alive.

On the Kings Road, heading west, the party was ambushed by yet another band of Kobolds. This time they brought along their trusty Fire Beetle pets to help soften the party up but, as before, failed in their endeavors. Upon the final Kobold Wyrmpriest dying he was overheard whispering `.. have.. failed.. master…..` before slipping into the quiet sleep of death.

After several more hours on the road, without any further interruptions, the party reached the sovereign town of Winterhaven. Quickly making up for lost time the holy men Brutus and Walter made offers to the local Warrior’s Guild to train the locals in various combat techniques which shall commence within 2 days of arrival. The local guild master Rohn trained various locals weekly in the combat arts but felt it best that such powerful and daunting men of Brutus and Walter’s stature could most definitely draw a crowd as well gaining much insight and combat experience.

At the same time Tas Orin, Shaggy and St. Valentine were seen entering the local Inn and Tavern, Wrafton’s Inn. A few pints of ale preceded many a question of the current clientele which resulted in Valentine learning that Douven Staul had indeed been a patron of the inn, renting a room and leaving early each morning for the “burial site” however had not been seen in over 2 weeks. The local Inn owner, Salvana, expressed that due to keeping a tight ship and business costs she dispersed his meager belongings to the local charities and nothing was left.

As well, noticing a grim, hacking cough from afar, Valentine met an aged gentleman by the name of Eilian, Eilian the Old he stated. Inquiring about the “burial site” and this man they were searching for Eilian informed Valentine that indeed he had been in town and that he gave him a map to the burial site some weeks ago. Recalling the map and redrawing it from memory, Eilian also reckoned it had been quite awhile since he had seen or heard from Douven as well.

Noticing a finely dressed man in a distance, who was also creating fire between his fingers, Shaggy engaged in conversation. Striking up banter of being from the same background [wizard/mage] the two quickly found a rapport amongst themselves. Valthrun was the local wizard/mage and quickly explained this amusing cantrip, the creation of fire between his fingertips, was a mere parlor trick used to entertain the local children. Further questioning found Valthrun speaking of a dark keep just north of town. While he had never ventured there, stories from his ancestors spoke of a tower created to stop the Gnoll invasions in the time of the Old Empire. He did not know much of any possible inhabitants nor of this death cult so many of his fellow party members were speaking of however he would consult his local library and any further information he could find, he would surely pass to the part on their next visit.

Tas Orin also was found questioning a dark and secluded Elven hunter by the name of Ninaran. Initially Ninaran was in no need of conversation however seeing Tas Orin was a brother within the arts of rogue, he quickly opened up about a local keep. Ninaran feels the increased Kobold attacks on the roads are no coincidence and accredits this to the increased cult activity. While he feels the keep may hold more secrets than answers he does believe by his own scouting and reconnaissance that an area he called the “Waterfall cave” is the lair of the Kobolds and he encouraged Tas Orin to confirm his findings.

Brutus and Walter, upon finishing within the Warriors Guild were encouraged to visit the Lord of Winterhaven, Lord Padraig who may have a task or job for the party.

Upon announcement to the court Brutus and Walter met Lord Padraig who indeed felt the local Kobold nuisance quite a problem. Offering directions to the Kobold Lair he wished the party to adventure to the lair and put an end to this problem as his local people were increasing fearful of the Kobold attacks, some feeling they were increasing in both size and occurrence. As well when asked about any local cults, Lord Padraig scoffed at even the possibility of such a thing existed within his lands. “Preposterous!” stated Padraig but then quickly retorted, “Do you happen to know something I don’t know?”. Calming his fears Brutus diligently performed a silent insight check to determine if Padraig was genuine, which he was. Walter and Brutus informed Lord Padraig that if indeed any cult activity was around the area they would most definitely find it’s source and report back.

Taking rest within the local inn, the adventurers rest their souls, finding it was one of the most restful nights of sleep any of them had had. Of course locking and spiking their doors may have helped, there was no need of worry and the adventurers awoke fresh and re-energized.

Winterhaven region

Winterhaven map

Return To Fallcrest

(Will flesh out details as I remember them :) )

Return To Fallcrest
Fallcrest map

Kobold Hall : The True Threat

(Will flesh out details as I remember them :) )

Kobold Hall : The True Threat
The true threat

Kobold Hall : The Big Boss

(Will flesh out details as I remember them :) )

Kobold Hall : The Big Boss
The big boss

Kobold Hall : Skull! Skull!

(Will flesh out details as I remember them :) )

Kobold Hall : Skull! Skull!
Skull skull

Kobold Hall : The Tomb

Kobold Hall : The Tomb

The tomb

Kobold Hall : The Sludge Pit

(Will flesh out details as I remember them :) )

Kobold Hall : The Sludge Pit
The sludge pit

Session 1 - Player Intro/Stories

Player Introduction Stories

St. Valentine:
You awake from a peaceful sleep. Your eyes strain and adjust to the morning light beaming through the cracks and crevices of your homemade abode. It’s a fine creation, one your father would be proud of.

You mind tightens and focuses on the memories of that day, many moons ago. Approaching your father and speaking your mind, having the fortitude to set forth on a life of adventure; not as royalty.

You can remember the look on his face that day, when you left your village. While he may not have proclaimed nor shown it that day, you know inside, he was proud.

As you rise from your bedroll, you catch the faint sounds of laughter and what you perceive as the clanking of steel bars. Was this an intruder within your camp? A lost caravan perhaps? You rush deeper into the forest coming, closer and closer to the source of the sound.

Peering around a bush you notice what appears to be a tarpalan and makeshift camp. Smoke rises from the fire pit and you see a human looking figures moving in and around the area.

Tas Orin:
You awaken, heavy headed and sore. You slowly move your hands to wipe the sleep from your eyes only to recoil in pain. Your entire body aches and feels as if it were the weight of 200 stone. Your mind tries to recount past events, searching for solution, when suddenly a vision washes over you. The vison of a wizards apprentice wizard and his plan of quick cash for a job well done.

Recalling the last few days, you remember being called upon for a job. The job was easy by most rogue standards; sneak into the tower, retrieve the tome, finally ending by meeting the wizard in the forest for your reward.

What kind of rogue would you have been to pass on such a simple and easy job? Simple indeed but more questions flood your mind. Where was the tome? Had you met up with apprentice?

You suddenly catch a glimpse of movement out of the corner of your eye. Pushing pain aside you jump to your feet only to knock your head hard on something above. “What was this?” you think to yourself.

Your eyes widen and you finally realize you’re behind bars, steel bars! Turning quickly and looking in all directions now, a sickening feeling overcomes you; you’ve been captured and thrown into a steel cage!

Peering through the bars you spot another cage, similar to yours but containing no beast. Laughter and foul curses spew forth from an elegantly dressed elf in robes that has also been imprisoned. “The apprentice!” you think to yourself, “He’s been captured too!
Just then he bangs the steel bars with a stick and begins shouting. "You’ll not have the end of me thugs!

As you sit there, captured and behind bars, you think to yourself “What went wrong?” You again shout and bang the steel bars with a stick you grabbed outside the confines of the cage. “The rogue ensured me it was an easy job” you mutter to yourself, recalling your meeting with the Halfling.

Meeting the rogue in the local tavern yesterday you hatched your plan. “The plan was simple”, you think to yourself. The hired rogue would steal the tome of your master, delivering it to you that night within the forest. With this tome you could begin the training you needed to rise from being a unappreciated apprentice to wizard!

What apprentice of magic didn’t at times think such devious plans against his master? You ask, inside your head.. The pursuit of power and infamy surely had clouded your judgment, and now, instead of comfortably sifting through the great tome at home, you’re now rotting in this cage like a simple beast!

The plan was simple enough. Upon possession of the tome you agreed to a reward of gold and gems for the rogue. It was most of what you had left from your families coffers, the rest spent gaining your apprenticeship to your master, the master you now had betrayed.

Peering into the distance you notice the hired rogue, finally awake within his own cage. The mere sight of him rage within and you mockingly shout across the distance "Easy job eh?”
Just then a burly man approaches the cage. “Shut your mouth apprentice! You’re in no position to be voicing opinion.” “Thinking you could pull an ’ol fast one on Mordenkainen did ya?” he laughs. “Just wait until he gets here. I’m sure he’ll be willing to show you what true magic can do; if you can outlive the pain!”

He laughs again and turns to his fellow captors who’ve come from their tent “Back inside! I need some food before the old wizard arrives.”


You both are walking peacefully down the forest path, looking for some adventure. Even as small boys growing up together, you each shared your dreams and visions of being an adventurer. Who better to battle dense hordes of creatures than your longtime child friend?

Both devote to the deity Kord your families, however, had different plans for the both of you. A righteous and holy path you would take by being enlisted in seminary school and you wished nothing better than to make your family proud but as you’ve grown the visions and dreams of epic adventure haunt your soul. Why couldn’t men of faith still desire smiting foes who unjustly try to rule the lands?

As you continue to walk you hear the gallop of hooves behind you. Turning to look the wizard Mordenkainen rides swiftly past. “Out of my way!” he cries nearly knocking you both to the ground.

Your anger fevers you as you jump off the path into the tangle brush. “Mordenkainen!” you yell as you see the wizard slow and enter a clearing ahead. Who did this wizard think he was! Not only had he brought shame to your families many years back, causing your parents grief and loss of possession, but now he treated you as mere trash tossed to the roadside. You regain your composure and vow to investigate what this vile man is up to.


You try to control your breath. Your quarry is still. You slowly draw your bowstring back, keeping it as silent as you can. You exhale softly one last time, lining up the shot. Before you can release, the sounds of thundering hooves echo through the hollow. The cave bear you’ve been tracking all morning stands upright, pauses to gain sense of the disturbance, finally running off over the distant hill.

You allow the bowstring to draw back knowing, at least today, this trophy shall live another day. You scan the area and the galloping slows and stops. You gain a sense of direction and step out of your cover and being walking in that direction.

As you get closer you hear the faint sound of voices in the distance. You creep up the opposite hillside and disguise yourself again among the brush and clutter of the forest as a good rangers can. You notice in the clearing a makeshift tent and what appears to be 2 cages upon the ground.
The solo rider dismounts his horse and begins walking towards the tent when another meets him outside. Listening carefully you can make out the name Mordenkainen and press forward, even closer, to listen in.

The Camp
Road side camp


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